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Miss Potter


Miss Potter has just bought Hill Top Farm in the Lake District.


Mr Heelis: Congratulations, Miss Potter. You are now the proud owner of Hill Top Farm. Thank you, George. Well, I'm sure you'll be very happy at Hill Top. I spent some time there as a child.

Miss Potter: Is that so? I did have other plans for it, but... I'm sure that I will love it in any case.

Mr Heelis: Yes. If you need any other assistance or help...

Miss Potter: Thank you very much, Mr Heelis. Good day.

Mr Heelis: Good day, Miss Potter.


Mrs Potter: What I don't understand, Beatrix, is how you're going to pay for this farm.

Miss Potter: I'm a writer, Mother. People buy my work.

Mr Potter: Our daughter is famous, Helen. You are the only person who doesn't know it. What I don't understand is why you find it necessary to leave your home.

Miss Potter: It is not a choice, Father.

Mr Potter: Beatrix, if I could undo anything...

Miss Potter: There's nothing to undo. This has nothing to do with you or Mother.

I must make my own way.

Mr Potter: So you must. So you must.


Answer the following questions:


  1. Who is the new owner of Hill Top Farm?

  2. Who spent some time there as a child?

  3. Who is Helen?

  4. Who is a writer?

  5. Who can’t understand why Miss Potter must leave her home?


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The Queen


EXT. BALMORAL ESTATE – DAY. The ROYAL FAMILY is gathered for a barbecue lunch.


Queen Elizabeth: No. That’s not the point.

Prince Philip: The point is it’s more than four hundred years old. It has never been lowered for ANYONE.

Queen Mother: Your grandfather didn’t get that flag at half-mast when he died and if your mother were to die tomorrow, she wouldn’t get it either.

Prince Charles: Yes...but a situation like this one has to be flexible. It is just a flag.

Queen Elizabeth: “What about the Union Jack?” was Mr. Blair’s next suggestion.

Queen Mother: Oh, for heaven’s sake.

Prince Philip: The next thing he’ll be suggesting you is to change your name to Hilda and mine to Hector? Who does he think he’s talking to? You’re the Sovereign. The Head of State. You don’t get dictated to. You’ve conceded the idea of a public funeral. You’ve opened up the parks. That’s ENOUGH!

Queen Elizabeth: Ssh. The boys.

Prince Philip: You wait. In forty-eight hours this will all have calmed down.



Decide if the following statements are TRUE or FALSE. Correct the false ones.


  1. Robin called the Prime Minister.

  2. The Prime Minister thinks the flag above Buckingham Palace should be flying at half-mast.

  3. There isn’t a flag above Buckingham Palace because the Queen isn’t there.

  4. The flag was lowered when Prince Charles’s grandfather died.

  5. The Queen is the Sovereign and the Head of State.


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